busy bees

It’s a busy time of year around these parts. Tulip Time is a festival I’m in love with and it begins in just a week. ONE WEEK. I’m also a Dutch Dancer so I get to be around the action almost all week. I love it. LOVE IT.

I have an undying love for this festival which is odd because most “locals” just hate it. The town becomes a mass of hungry ants looking for somewhere to sit. Parking and one way streets become pedestrian piles and no one pays attention to the signs. It can be very frustrating if you’re a type A person who just NEEDS TO GET TO TOWN. Because you cannot.

But I love it nonetheless. In spite of it’s lack of crowd control, in spite of the grease and the parades and the traffic. I love it.

Not only is it Tulip Time week, it’s also my son’s second birthday next Wednesday and I’m a little nuts about birthdays. My kids’ any way, or maybe just their cakes.

I have a whimsical earthy idea for his birthday this year, but it’s smack dab in the middle of Tulip Time, as well as in the middle of a week, in the month that is the conference I am planning while we’re selling our house.

Yea, I’m a lunatic.

I’d love to do an outdoor party under globe lights but I don’t think I’ll have my act together to pull it off this year. He’ll only be two, so his party isn’t a big deal to him yet. I could take him to the beach with a new truck and he’d think he was in heaven. Which, IDEA!

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  1. (whisper) if you do decide to go with an outdoor party, I have 40 ft of lantern twinkler you are welcome to vorrow. (unwhisper) I love the globe lights, esp. b/c of the solar power bit, no worries about unplugging at the end of the night.

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