Mothers Day weekend

**Edited July 18, 2010 to cross off items I either won’t get around to (because we sold the home in which I wanted to organize) or have already done.

Things I want to do, not necessarily this weekend, but soon:

  • Make my own vanilla.
  • Plan some landscaping (a) (b)
  • Mess around with Google SketchUp
  • Reorganize a few things around the house. Summer/Winter clothes for example. Also drawers, files and the necessary evil of under-the-bed storage.
  • Print some current photos of the family, update the frames.
  • Browse Bed Bath and Beyond, I’ve got store credit and want to use it. I get by in my kitchen with so little, so walking into that store is so very overwhelming, yet I could use a new cookie sheet and possibly a platter or cake stand. Ideas?
  • Re-tile the main floor fireplace hearth.

Tomorrow? I do not want to cook but I’ll probably want to bake. I’d love a massage but a bath will do and more than anything, I just want to have a day full of my husband and our kids, walking or talking. Hiking, maybe biking. Doing nothing or doing too much to fit into one day. I just want them.

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