kids {videos}

These videos are a bit of “full circle” moment for us as adults. Mostly my husband as he spent most of his youth skating off rails and trying to make sure that having any children naturally would probably never happen (I’ve seen the videos. The stunts that ended in a crotch fall are numerous. I’m just saying).

The fact that both of them love to go fast is no surprise, I mean … kids like to go fast right? Most of the time? Be thrown into the air? Roller coasters? Fine … we do, they do, it fits. We love it.

I was starting to get anxious about our morning out because we had no real way of keeping the kids near us … they were MOBILE on WHEELS. And the coffee wasn’t kicking in, or maybe it was and that’s why the bitch inside of me came out with 4 heads and crosseyed pointy fingers going “LOOK!! LOOOOOK!!! WE’RE GOING TO LOSE THEM IN THE SEA OF PEOPLE!”

I could feel my heart beat faster and all I could see was me sweating even more while we tried to venture through the Farmers Market without any kind of device with a belt on it to keep them close.

You are right, I have issues. I am kind of insane. And mostly intense.

But then. THEN! We came to this hill and all was right with the world – the kids were laughing, I had ditched my coffee because I realized that being even more jacked up was not the right decision and we stayed there at that hill for a good 15 minutes, riding the hill, watching them laugh and discover and be kids.

Some times things don’t go my way at all … and it always turns out better any way.

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