Life is like this

So I used to be on antidepressants. At age 14 I was diagnosed with clinical depression, which is a tall order being 14. Do I believe it? Yea.

I haven’t been on anything since that one time I went back on them after my daughter’s first birthday – 4 1/2 years ago.

And it’s been fine, actually. Every once in a while I think … huh? This is getting in the way of my life, I should work on this. So I do. I write, or exercise or create something.

Then it hit me today as I was reading comments on the facebook page – this website is my Zoloft. The community of this website, the friends I’ve made – the joy I get from hearing about what you’re doing … it lightens my heart. Every day.

And I have a pretty heavy heart.

I am kind of intense and it bothers me. Really bothers me. Some times I have to sit my husband down and apologize because I know that I couldn’t live with another me. Anxiety, crippling insecurities. You guys, I’m human.

But THANK YOU, from the very deepest bottom of that very heavy heart, for loving me and not even knowing it.

I like you!

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