what’s your go-to?

I love twitter most of the time. There are days when I don’t even get on it though but it’s so helpful when you have a quick question (or annoying if you think bloggers on twitter are just spam, but you be quiet).

So, I love to ANSWER the questions people are asking – and mostly the ones about food. Like, what are you having for dinner tonight, I’m stuck! And, Are strawberries mushy with baking all the time?

For some reason my go-to answer with the dinner question is always = MAKE CHILI! Chili is easy! Friends are generally looking for something simple to make, last minute.

It’s kind of ridiculous though because Chili isn’t my go-to recipe at home when we’re in a bind. I love to eat Chili though, so maybe thats why I think everyone else should make it all the time.

What’s your go-to on a hectic night?

Recently, and I begrudgingly admit this, our go-to is eating out. TERRIBLE. For the budget, for the health, for the allergies. But, it is what it is right now and soon I’ll be back to menu planning and blogging about my food adventures (among others).

If we’re against eating out again we always have eggs in the house and tend to just have Brinner even though my husband is not, has never been and will never be a fan of Brinner.

I know, you’re telling me!

8 thoughts on “what’s your go-to?

  1. I’m a brinner go-to kind of gal. But not just eggs and toast. If I’m going to have it for dinner it’s typically more to the tune of breakfast burritos/quesadillas. Tortillas are normally left over from some other recipe, eggs are always in the fridge, some red potatos and maybe a little chorizo/sausage or black beans and some hot sauce and I’m set. Never hurts to throw on a dollop of sour cream and cheese of course, or maybe it does, but it tastes oh so delicious. Tell Aaron to get that brinner hate under control.

  2. “tell aaron to get that brinner hate under control”

    oh the giggling. and your ideas for a better brinner inspired me to cook last night. we had scrambled eggs. It was very high class.

  3. Those nights are the moments when being single is a beautiful thing… you can eat a can of corn and call it good. 😉

  4. I love that you answer my food questions. And I love that my question about strawberries showed up on your blog. It’s a big moment for me.

    our go-to dinners are usually eggs, pancakes, or grilled cheese. they’re not normally well balanced, but at least they taste good 🙂

  5. We do breakfast for dinner, sometimes, but grilled cheese is a go-to almost every week. I often doctor it up, with sliced tomato and fresh basil, or tuna salad, or sliced turkey. We usually have potato chips and some steamed broccoli on the side. There is also the pasta-with-anything/everything dish, where I make pasta and some sauce and toss it with whatever is in the fridge.

  6. Grilled cheese is YUM. We’re gluten free and lactose intolerant over here so having a grilled cheese is a luxury … goat cheese and the expensive replacement for bread is a treat around here 🙂 haha.

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