Things to do, Things to love

Add a favorite recipe – this is the season for weddings, showers and graduations … this could be a great jumping off point for a DIY gift.

Make your own flower pin which I am now in love with since wearing some from Elegant Elle but also? the accessories from List Lady Katie I’ve had to hide that necklace from my daughter.

Speaking of kids, make these with some.

Or this jellyfish we’ve actually made a version of this in our house already and it’s amazing how much they love just watching them interact with the air or the wind. Plus, it’s adorable.

Milk anyone? Make these printable milk cartons for your next slumber parties mid-night snack. Or for your next Birthday Breakfast. Or just because they’re awesome.

Rainbow stationary. RAINBOW STATIONARY!!! My daughter loves to get mail, what 5 year old doesn’t? And if we had some of this rainbow stationary around we’d be buying stock in stamps because she also LOVES to send mail.

Fox garland adorable.

Free printable bunting oh my word, why am I addicted to garland and bunting?

Make a headband which I can’t wait to gather up all the “make some hair accessories” links and start doing some of that with my daughter. She’s getting in to liking her hair out of her face and being a girl is, well, pretty awesome.

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