More things to love and more to do

Make a chalk board sign then have the best looking garage sale or bake sale on your block.

Felt Finger Puppets stop it with the adorable-cuteness. I don’t have enough time in the day to play with all of this stuff.

Fathers day fish card Be still my heart. My son just got his first fishing pole on his birthday (which reminds me, who asked me where we got that?? I’ll find out!) so fishing with dad is now a reality and it kind of makes me want to cry because of the picture I get in my head of my boys sitting on a dock together with the fog rising. Also? STOP YELLING AT ME, OVARIES.

Simple felted flowers {Hair} Oh excuse me? You’re delightful. You’re welcome.

Easy Bunting, CHEAP! Again with the addiction to paper and bunting. I have a sickness but I love trees. We’re confused, too.

Fathers Day frame I’ve always loved the parts of antique stores where they have old farming equipment laying around or old drill bits, rusted tools and manly looking thingers. I’ve also always wanted to make a “bouquet” out of them … I love getting flowers, personally, but I’m pretty sure a guy likes to be acknowledged and well, that’s one idea. So this frame? Is perfectly perfect in my brain. I love it.

More Fathers Day Madness cuff link cards? CUFF LINK CARDS! Seriously, genius. That Martha, she knows her crafts.

DIY shape word art this is beautiful.

Pop out cards for Fathers Day Great idea for any occasion and homemade cards.

I like marshmallows and I’m pretty sure I have two small humans who would LOVE to make these with them.

Hooded Beach towel Tutorial AND movie. I like this. I like this a lot.

Jewelry like this takes my breath away. That’s reason enough, isn’t it?

Flower petal necklace delicate and feminine. Wait, I have one of those … only I call her something else. Magical. Yup. That’s the one.

Again with the heart stopping Make a beaded chandelier.
Here’s my list of things to do:
1. Win lots of money so I can …
2. Landscape my yard
3. Add sprinkling
4. Build a tree house
5. Scour Knock Off Wood for the perfect out door furnitrue
6. Make it
7. Buy a red umbrella for outside
8. Make this chandelier
9. Hang it
10. Sip lemonade under the umbrella while my kids pick flowers and make sand castles.
11. Have a tea party.

Make a crown for the ruler of your heart.

Rainbows! I think we’ll be celebrating my daughters January birth in July this year, just so we can have a theme that doesn’t include indoor festivities and snow covered windows.

Headband these are kind of all the rage right now. And I know why.

AIRPLANE! Ha! HA! YES PLEASE! My dad is a pilot with American Airlines. Oh? You didn’t know? Well, now you do. Planes have been a constant in my life since birth. They don’t scare me, they’re beautiful and they’re eerily majestic in their steel-building quality, laying flat and running through wind. They enchant me. And, how lucky am I?, they enchant my son now, too.

Printable card So pretty.

Beauty is A VERB.

Cake box I didn’t have a barbie doll house growing up. We didn’t even have barbies. Lie, we each had one, my sister and I. But we did have a box and some markers and we made that box into a castle for our barbies. There’s something about cardboard that really stretches the imagination if you give a child half a mind to wander a bit. All that plastic? All those accessories for a life that doesn’t exist? Garbage. Now, go make something.

Bunting again Only this one’s circular.

Matchbook These are so original! I love them! I want some!

Apron or Tool belt?

Hooded towel again with the usefulness and adorable-ness.

Embroider a felt bag and this is stunning.

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