At it again

June 15, 2010 Life Style Photo Sessions FREE

Last year I paired up with Walcott Imaging to host (virtually I suppose) a Photo Party. How about we do that again?

This year’s date is June 15 – a Tuesday. You can schedule a free 20 min photo session between 9 am and 6 pm.

We’ll be scheduling folks on the half hour but the session itself will only be 20 min.

Kids playing, moving, posing, smiling. Feel free to be creative with outfits and props. This is a great opportunity to get your senior photos done for next year, engagement photos, kids portraits. Only, and lets be honest here, lets not do so many poses, ok? Let’s be ourselves. Let’s have some fun. Let’s play in the dirt and giggle.

A Life Style shoot is just that … a window into the moments of your lives that you don’t usually capture.

Bring your dog! Or your chicken! Need an updated photo of your parents? THIS IS A GOOD IDEA.

The possibilities are endless, really. So … email me to schedule your time slot and we’ll get ready to rumble.

Personally, I’ll be scheduling a time slot for my kids and we have a whole box of play clothes I’ll be bringing for props (that you may use too!) … and have you seen this hat? Yes. More of that.

A few more details:

  • The photoshoot will be outdoors, location: 1106 Ardmore St Holland, Mi
  • There will be a handful of props and “costumes” available but you’re welcome to bring your own as well.
  • We’re EXCITED! You are too? Oh good. That’s just what we hoped for.


  • $100 for the digital rights (regularly $150),
  • $35 for a single digital image (regularly $45)
  • 20% off of print orders. These deals are good for one week after the session.

    4 thoughts on “At it again

    1. Man! I wish I was still in MI – I’d totally be on board. Such a great idea!! You rock, lady!

    2. why thanks! And you know, if you come back here for your haircut I think a free photoshoot counts too … I’m just sayin šŸ˜‰

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