Life List {update} Witness a birth other than my own

I haven’t wanted to write about this one yet. Haven’t been able to form the words. Understand my feelings. Digest the events of the day.

April 24th, 2010.


One of the very biggest life list items came to fruition. I thought, when I wrote that line item, I was foreseeing a grandchild’s birth in my future. That I’d have years and years to ponder the deepest gratitude for this one coming true.

It’s weird how things happen.


This is a baby boy.

This baby boy is my nephew.

His name was Judah at birth.

He was given up for adoption.


There is reverence in these memories because of the raw emotion involved in being present to see a mother, a mom like me, give birth and then say good bye.


To hear his cry and watch his chest rise with life, to hold and touch and smell and smile at your son. At my nephew. To capture in those moments with him in my arms the beginning of a story I’ll forever save for just him, if he ever wants to hear it.


He is beautiful. How amazing is the God I believe in, to create this wonder inside of someone with a heart heavy enough and big enough to know that giving him to someone with empty arms is the best thing for him?


There will forever be a bond between 3 women in my family that will never go beyond our hearts … and will always reach farther than our hands.

4 thoughts on “Life List {update} Witness a birth other than my own

  1. I cried. Powerful. Beautiful. And i hope someday he does get to hear the sacrifice that was made for him.
    I watched my godson come into this earth. It was the most amazing experience (next to my own babies) that I have ever experienced. God has given us such a gift as women. Some days it may not feel like it, but giving life – the most powerful gift we have.
    Thank you for sharing. Beautiful.

  2. He’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing the stories and pictures. What an amazing bond you three have.

  3. So sweet and incredible, and bittersweet at the same time. Thank you for sharing this, Jodi. I’m blessed by the photos, and by your reflections. God sure is amazing. Covering and health and protection on the precious babe…


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