Things we love to do

Happy Summer gift tags Popsicles. I have so many memories of making our own popsicles every summer. Tupperware, the emotions you hold.

Journaling Labels I think I’m addicted to things I can print and save in a file folder. I should use them. All.

All in one letter and envelope and this one I will.

Are you couponer this might help all those papers flying around your kitchen.

Woodland Chandelier STOP IT.

Hair accessories that rock no really. This is beautiful. Now all I need is a mess of long hair to tease and insert feathers into.

If I could write the sound I make when I gasp I would write it here Breath taking. I want to try this. Ok, I will.

Pillow ribbon embroidery I’ve been wanting to turn some of my daughters drawings into embroidery on some pillows. I think this technique.

Meal planning magnets Now. Is there really any argument for why you shouldn’t be doing this?

Button flower headbands I’d like them in the range of colors from the rainbow.

Initial this a wreath.

Cupcake decor for bbq’s. And? This summer just got more beautiful.

A HAT! I’m smitten with hats. Maybe you already know that?

Now, for a tangent. Here is a calendar for the summer months that you should all print out and fill with wonderful adventures for you, your dog, your family. Live life, people. LIVE IT. Then … Do this, make a summer jar so that you won’t get stuck with the “I’m bored’s” of the Wednesday slump which, all too often, turns into the whole summer. And THEN join me in the 14 weeks of summer carnival with Stacey because let’s all be completely honest here, we can do that right? Lets all try a little harder to catch ourselves before we complain about the drudgery of parenting, the drudgery of owning a pet or taking care of parents. This is life, this is where we are right now. It will change. And in 14 very short weeks, the schedule will return. And for me, that means sending one of mine off into a weekly whirlwind that will control her life for the next 13 years.

This summer is kind of special. But every summer is. Every day is.

Every single one.

Now … back to this Make a sack lunch exceptional, then picnic in the park.

Garden lantern oh how lovely.

Summer tote The rope! The Flower! My, oh my.

Recycled toilet paper rolls have, literally, never been so pretty.

2 thoughts on “Things we love to do

  1. The encaustic notecards? I want to do that! I rely on your lists. It’s ridiculous… I have paintings in progress & photos being stretched, the dark room has prints drying, and I want to start more. Your lists, pure danger.

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