Summer Jar 2010

YOU GUYS! This wonderful idea comes from Better Way Mom’s and it is fabulous. I have not been able to stop talking about it since I read her post.


Here’s the method of mine:

I downloaded this calendar to keep track of our summer days.


Used these labels for labeling my jars.


Found a jar from my embarassing collection of jars and washed them out.



I went with 2 jars – one for the summer days and one for the summer weekends. We generally run into “I’m bored’s” on the weekend as well, only it’s usually from the parents. Ehum. I’m guilty. So this is a great way to have a family activity and STILL be spontaneous. Which is important to us.

Then I cut out my labels and stuck them on my dry jars.



Flattened a cereal box and went to town.






Here’s what we’ll be doing this summer:

1. go to the library
2. go to the fountain (6 entries)
3. make donuts
4. go to Goshorn Lake, swim
5. FREE DAY (my daughter gets to pick)
6. Go to Zoo
7. Childrens Museum
8. Visit a new park
9. camping
10. picnic
11. make bread
12. bake something to deliver to someone else photos
13. have a relay race
14. invent a recipe
15. make leaf rubbings
16. outdoor discovery center
17. memorize a poem
18. play at the stream
19. go on a hike to the beach
20. mt baldy (maybe this is the wrong name?)
21. beach!
22. Kirkwood park, hike
23. feed ducks!
24. go for a bus ride
25. go for a train ride to St. Joe.
26. tie dye
27. bark painting
28. make marshmallows (roast them)
29. Go fishing!
30. Kayak
31. swimming
32. face painting!
33. have a party
34. build a fort photos
35. Frederick Meijer Garden photos
36. Paint a pot
37. Millennium Park
38. Crazy Bounce photos
39. Critter Barn
40. Tuesinks farm
41. Throw pottery together
42. Cappon House photos
43. Tarry Hall skating
44. Bake cupcakes
45. Make cake pops
47. pick berries (more than one entry)
48. pick berries
49. Go out for pie photos
50. fly a kite photos
51. pretend we’re on a stranded island
52. Treasure HUNT
53. Go Geotagging
54. find a waterfall
55. Carousel ride at mall photos
56. Hike
57. Plan a potluck
58. Michigan Adventures waterpark
59. Mini Golf
60. Make recycled toilet paper wreath
61. Neli’s Dutch Village
62. Beach
63. finger paint
64. chalk paint
65. Build a sand castle photos
66. make a flower crown
67. Car Races!!
68. shop for play clothes
69. take silly pictures
70. Craigs Cruisers RACE
71. make playdoh
72. Bubbles
73. Make rice crispie treats
74. Swim photos

We’ll probably add to it as we go and I’m guessing this’ll become a year long thing, it’s just too fun. The BOLD items are for the weekend jar.

Um, and I took it one step further and made a jar for me – . Because I need something to help me stay on task. My jar has things like – Laundry, balance checkbook, floors, bathrooms, etc – in it and I’ll pick 3 a day to stay on top of everything this summer.

Now … What are you up to? Link to your posts here:

19 thoughts on “Summer Jar 2010

  1. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I have way too many links to post all of them; when I get over to my new site I’ll put some up though; I’ve been blogging my brains out about summer stuff.

    And it’s funny ’cause we take train rides to Holland for our big Amtrack ride šŸ™‚

  2. Love it! And love your list! I’m going to work on a jar for our “every day” fun (parks, baking, art projects) and save the big stuff for a “once a week event” (14 Weeks of Summer project). Now I need to find a cute jar!

  3. Stacey – can you link to your 14 weeks here?? and do you have buttons? I’d love one if you plan on making them.

    I love the idea of a once a week “big” thing, most of the things we have should be “smaller” every day activities but I’m sure we’ll get a couple days of big adventures in a row. We’ll see!

  4. I love this idea! But I want to know what other things went in the Jodi jar! I need to implement that too : )

  5. This is such a neat idea! I’ll have to come up with something besides jars, though….I’ll need my jars for canning. šŸ™‚

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