Things we love to do

A mini crown for dolls, the crown of your own head, for your cat.

Baby quilt full of whimsy. Love the colors.

Breath taking DIY light fixture I have decided to replace every light in my house. Shhhh.

Plant something beautiful and if you need helps because you have black, blue and otherwise not-green thumbs, this should get you started.

Solar Food Dehydrator I love when this stuff comes up. I was just talking to a friend about wanting to buy one of these. Yay!

Well this makes sense I have peas for the first time this year in the garden and I’ve been wondering how in the world to get them from falling over. Yeeeeaaah. My light isn’t always in the ON position. Plan to tackle this one after I publish this post šŸ™‚

PVC is stunning just add some linen. Make your own outdoor lounge. And if you don’t like the white of the PVC … paint it! Distress it! Make it look like wood. Any way you want it. Because this is awesome.

I’ve been pondering how to make something like this work and now I know that all I have to do is try. No need to buy the ornaments for $40 … just reuse a wine bottle or fancy Izzy pop bottle, french lemonade bottle? Whatever you’ve got.

Sea glass wreath between the wreathes and the bunting garlands, I apparently have a lot of doors and walls to decorate. OR! How about we just have more parties.

Make your own sunburst mirror oh yes. Oh yes you should.

Yarn wall art this is cooler than it sounds. I promise.

PRINTABLE! FREE! ok, these are awesome. You’ll have to click around and scroll down for this one, but go to the day trips and then play around. You can download amazing and very beautiful city scape walking trips which you can stow away for a vacation or frame and hang on a wall. I’ve downloaded most of them for wall art. Now I just need a trip to IKEA for frames.

Have a reason to be making a baby book? either as a shower gift or one for your own joyful home? You can download the template directly from here.

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