{Summer Jar} Ride a Carousel


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I know the Summer Jar has taken over a little, sorry šŸ™‚ It’s just so fun. Seriously. So fun. I go to sleep so excited to find out what we’ll be doing the next day.

I’ve decided that schedules are what brings me down. If I commit to something I feel the weight of it, always. Not just some times, or before it happens. I don’t let it go, I am responsible. The schedules with our kids are one thing, I am always responsible for them – that never changes. But the play dates and the play groups and outings and friends? It’s often overwhelming for me so I over commit our calendar and then hide for weeks on end when I can’t take it any more.

The Summer Jar has greatly alleviated that stress for me. Spontaneous living is very important and this is one way of making sure that we have a dose of this in our lives, no matter what else the calendar holds.

And since some of you are starting to make your own and send me photos … I thought … NOW HERE’S AN IDEA! I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see what you guys are making, either from the lists or your own Summer Jar’s … or maybe neither but it’s amazing and you want to share it.

Enter the jodimichelle.com flickr photo group. I can’t wait to see what you’re creating!

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