small changes

Whoops! Technical difficulties.There’s a new look around here, if you can’t see it hit refresh while holding down your Shift key. Or empty your cache. Both should work.

Not sure this is the permanent look yet, but it’s a step in any other direction then where I was … which wasn’t bad, just … not right. So we’re trying something new.

I’m also trying to get my reader to stop sucking for those of you who subscribe to it, although I’m pretty sure there are multiple reader feeds so not every one is experiencing this issue … if I’m confusing the crap out of you, please skip this part.

We also have Sponsors now!! Yay! That’s really exciting. I’ll be adding a few more in the next week or so. I’m extremely excited to be embarking on this part of the journey. If you’re a company interested in sponsoring this website please contact me and I’ll send out a media kit with appropriate information.

Here’s the basics:

I’m interested in creating opportunities for my audience, who also happen to be my friends. Whether or not I know them by name. I’m passionate about living out loud, being authentic and saying yes as often as possible. I don’t own pets, I do have kids – we drive a minivan, I garden. You decide what that means to you and then throw it to the wind and partner with me to make the world a little bit sweeter.

I’m totally in.

2 thoughts on “small changes

  1. Yea, just kidding. A couple things went wonky when I went for it and tried. So I had to edit that and cross it off. No new look… yet, but now you all know what’s coming.

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