lets get wordy

All these photos. I love sharing photos, they tell a story all their own, but sometimes I get lost in the photos and need to bring it back to all the words.

Like today.

We’re in all kinds of flux right now. With our house, with our summer, with where lots of things are heading. I’ve been enjoying articles and blogs on subjects that seem to flow from this flux in our lives and I absolutely love that there is, somewhere it seems, always someone else going through the same thing we are.

Insert huge internet hug.

I’ve grown to love the friends I’ve made from this blog and others, from facebook, from conferences and from meet-ups with this awesome little sisterhood feeling. We get each other. And even that statement … they understand.

I feel like I belong to this really fun, really knowledgeable Star Wars league … only we breast-feed, some times. And well, we don’t play with light sabers.

I never did the college dorm thing and after being married and having kids – I never will. But I get to do this blogger thing. I get to spend weekends and evenings and special events with them. I GET TO.

Not have to. Not need to.

Want to.

3 thoughts on “lets get wordy

  1. I love that you also include Star Wars analogies in your posts. I’ve also have never felt so at home with a group of people as I do with my blogging friends.

    Hope to see you Monday. It’s my anniversary (13 years!), but I’m going to try to visit with y’all for a little bit.

  2. Oh fun! It’s one of the other bloggers’ anniversaries that night too! Great day, apparently šŸ™‚ I’ll be there and look forward to catching up again!

  3. I love the photos, but am all about the words when they want to come too. I hear you about flux – we’ve got some major decisions going on right now, and it’s always so nice to read about others who are going through similar issues.

    Hope to see you on Monday – my older girls have VBS that night, so just need to find a sitter for my youngest and I’ll be all set. šŸ™‚

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