Things we love to do

Do you knit? please make these.

Or these tiny alligators. Our car trips would be the same loudness but less whinny, I feel, if there were a family of alligators to be roaring about.

How to paint on glass Learning how to throw glass is on my Life List so once I’ve done that, I can come home and paint it. Or, I could just paint some, because this rocks.

Create your own bookend which could also be a really cool door stopper, or just decoration.

How to make a dry erase board. We love us some dry erase boards in this house. LOVE THEM.

DIY cork board with flower push pins I want to make those push pins because they’re great. Then I want to hang this cork board in every room of my house and be very organized. Some day, if I keep telling myself this, I will be organized.

Learn how to rag-tie curl We tried this when I was little. I loved it. Now I just braid my daughters hair for her to have this effect, but it’s kinky. Can’t wait to try this too!

Make a fairy out of paper – I know someone who might like this šŸ™‚

Gourd planter Wow. Yes. YES PLEASE.

Recycle bottles into votive holders this is interesting and very pretty. But I’m worried the plastic will melt? No? Either way, super fun project to try.

DIY favors or a neighborhood treat, 4th of July “pretty” … this could go so many ways. I love the simpleness of it.

Yay, good idea. Done and done.

Beautiful clothes pins What is it with all things floral? I love them.

UM! Make your own birthday calendar GENIUS. I spent a good $40 on one of these at a craft fair a couple years ago and love it. It was worth the money because I knew someone spend the time on it and it was themed per month, so … you know, special. But … This is easy. And simple. AND. AND. I love it.

Ribbon flowers again with the floral. Maybe you can’t afford to buy fresh flowers for a gift, new mother, hostess … whatever. But there are SO many ways to make a flower … it’s really amazing.

Recycled wood (pallets) table I’d love to make a version of this for outdoors.

Laminated cup holder, stroller this is all kinds of helpful because neither of the {crappy} strollers we have came with a cup holder for the parent or child.

Oversized Pick-Up sticks outdoor game.

Lovely little bag we have a small addiction to all things baggish around here. It’s my daughters addiction … and I would be ok with it if they all looked like this.

Party ruffle hats this is a gem, scroll down for the DIY how to on the hats. ADORABLE.

Super cute photobooth idea for all kinds of parties.

8 thoughts on “Things we love to do

  1. i totally made that dry erase board last week! love it! i used scrapbook paper instead though! cheap!
    great list!

  2. Ooh, great list – I’m way overwhelmed with all of the amazing ideas though. I think I need to pick one or two and then come back once those are done. The first link didn’t go to a knitting project though – I knit, so I’m curious what you were looking at? Those alligators are adorable! šŸ™‚

  3. I have leftover glass paint around her somewhere, if you want it, it is yours before you drop the $$ on the kit or individual bottles. Yeah, I just checked, I have it, it is liquid. Hit me up.

  4. oh, and learn to dance well, just went on the life list last week as #26. but it’s stuck after #1, fall in love. or as least find someone whos breath doesn’t stink willing to be my partner.

  5. Deb, thanks for the heads up – I fixed the first link!

    But we could take Rhumba classes too, right? haha. That would be something to do, something to love šŸ™‚

    Katie – thanks!! I have to look through the glass painting word for word, I might have paint too but I’m guessing not the right kind – thank you!! I’d love to grab some. I’ll have to put that in our summer jar.

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