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I’ve been finding some gems of websites and lists lately and I try to post them on facebook but love me a comprehensive go-to of information.

I bring this to you:

A list of Documentaries and a snippet about each one. We’ve enjoyed watching documentaries and don’t do it often enough. Now that I have a list of recommended ones to go from, we’ll be smarter in about a month.

Also, I’d love to have a movie night in our drive way with wine and pop corn, out door chairs and a huge sheet on the garage door with documentaries. So 1957.

I’ve added a few things to my life list … #103 being to do all 50 of these with my kids. #104 being to try 20 of these foodstuffs.

There are Role Models and then there are Influencers in one’s life. A Role Model, to me, is some one you look up to you but never really believe you’ll be able to meet. Think, Oprahesque. A Role Model is an idea of someone that you love to emulate. You love to believe that it’s possible to be that {fill in the blank; good natured, wise, kind, etc}. An Influencer is someone you can watch from afar, and blogging has made this easier, but there’s a possibility of meeting a key Influencer in your life and thanking them, in person. They’re attainable. They’re tangible. They’re amazing.

It’s not a secret that I have kind of a huge “Influencer crush” on Maggie Mason and to sum this up – here’s why.

What lists are you enjoying these days?

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