Real Estate Check In

This past January I talked about having a Real Estate Reality Check.

Now we’re checking in, finally.

We wavered on the decision of what to do – crunching numbers, talking through expectations and worrying about the next step.

I did some soul searching and then some confessing and then some major freaking out because everything was possibly happening, and happening at lightening speed.

It was frustrating for me, for us. The first offer on the house went stale – nothing came of it. And then we had a couple more showings, and then none at all. All the while I was planning Gleek Retreat and then attending – so the quietness of the house and possibilities was such a blessing at the time.

A couple weeks of detoxing emotions and cleaning my house- relearning how to menu plan and take control of my schedule and we get another call … another showing.

We had previously talked with our Realtor about the reality of our situation, a price reduction was going to happen – we were ready to say good bye to this house, to figure it out. To move on.

Only … we never got that far. Another offer came in, low, but with the price reduction in mind – and back to crunching numbers – the offer was essentially pennies from our rock bottom – a few minor adjustments and a counter offer later …

I tell you, with increasingly great pleasure that we ARE MOVING, God willing everything goes well with inspections and a few contingencies are worked out on our end. Oh, and that we find a place to live in the next 30 days.

We’ve been through all kinds of emotions the past 5 days, wondering what if’s and where’s and FINALLY’S! It’s exhilarating and exhausting and oh my god, I haven’t packed a box in 6 years … and why do we have SO MUCH CRAP!?

A garage sale is in the works, as is a craigslist bombardment of things we don’t want to carry around with us for the next year … or that we just don’t know if we’ll have room for.

Good thing we ordered a new couch for our living room last week.

Now … what exactly are we doing? Why are we moving again?

And … are we MOVING MOVING? Like, away? Forever?

Oh friends. I just don’t know. We don’t know! Isn’t that WONDERFUL!??? It’s so freeing. So amazingly wonderful to sit here and not KNOW anything. Because when it comes right down to it, we don’t any way. We don’t know if we’ll be in California for a couple months, Oklahoma for the summer, Michigan for the next year or, heck, Spain!? Maybe we’ll stay in someone’s house while they’re traveling for a year, or we’ll rent – we won’t buy.

Our options have just increased from “Sit in the back yard for the next 15 years cursing the lack of underground sprinkling” to “EXPLORE THE WORLD AROUND US”.

This decision makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to most people. On paper is doesn’t make a whole lot of sense financially … only … it really does. But this decision wasn’t up to most people, it was up to us.

This is what we’re doing for our family. We’re not even 30 yet – and I’m not ready to commit the rest of my life to one house. To one city. I’ve been committing myself to things and people for so long, and un-regrettably so, but there’s still room for some exploration. There’s room for the unknown. There has to be.

It’s time for a new pair of shoes. My soul needs a little help learning how to walk again. We’ll start with a new sidewalk.

8 thoughts on “Real Estate Check In

  1. LOVE IT!! Owen and I DREAM of moving to TN….just picking up, selling our home and leaving. The only thing that stops us is family…..hmmmm we haven’t gotten it figured out yet, but maybe just maybe we will eventually live in the hills of TN!! You go girl!!

  2. The unknown can be scary, yes… but it can also be FANTASTICAL and MAGICAL! Excited to see where your next step will be!

  3. Jessica – AWESOME! I so hope you can do that some day šŸ™‚

    Shana – We’re leaning towards the fantastical šŸ™‚ Ha!

    Thank you Kris!

    And Meghan … um. Maybe we don’t have a lot of furniture, but crap, we have enough of. You didn’t see the garage. And there’s all kinds of little things stored here and there and every where – that are just taking up space because we have the space for it to take. Pretty soon we won’t – so it has to go!

  4. Yay! So exciting for you and how awesome that you CAN pick up and leave. I would never be able to support myself in that type of lifestyle because of my job! Thank goodness for start ups and the internet šŸ™‚

    Remember, yellow table and giant red frame. I better get my tax money before your garage sale!

  5. Yay Molly šŸ™‚

    I don’t think we’re selling those things yet. haha! Aaron’s not ready to let go of the table and I love that frame … but you’ll be the first to know!

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