Things we love to do

Make some paper dolls a free printable! (There’s a mermaid!!)

Earrings, in 30 minutes no need to run to the drug store for those hoop earrings that look nothing like it mattered.

Dinosaur bone necklace this one is a keeper. I love the idea and for an advance jewelry maker-child, this would be amazing.

Knit, Craft, Sew who says the right and left brain never get along? Science geeks and Sewers UNITE!

Tiered Trays These are not food or dishwasher safe but they ARE amazing. And if you’re creative enough to make these, then you’re creative enough to figure out how to utilize them with food. (Doilies, cupcake liners, napkins … etc)

All kinds of goodness There’s a good 5 projects on this one page. So get ready.

Mustache! I am in DIRE need of making these for a photo shoot with my 2 year old. You agree?

A 3-D Owl have a rainy day to spend? Or a craft night? This is a little more involved, but the payoff is totally worth it.

iDad Card Fathers Day is passed, yes, but this genius can be tucked away for a special occasion … or just because you love the Dad’s in your life.

Summer Paper Lanterns If I have a sickness with buntings and printable art, my daughter has a sickness with paper in general. And paper that you fan and cut? STOP IT. She’s foaming at the mouth.

This is a bib necklace, for you … not them and please make it. This is breath taking.

Twig Flower Pot Classic and timeless.

Make a vintage sign Oooooh. This is interesting.

Rag wreath Perfect time of year! Beachy.

Etching on glass tutorial Seriously, I should have googled this years ago. I could have saved SO much money on bridal shower gifts and wedding gifts. I’ll be doing this one, soon!!!

Make a Bird Cage bridal veil Lovely.

Free Invitations set for a wedding, and I think customizable enough for other uses as well. There are AMAZING invitation and stationary designers out there. They should be paid what they are worth. If you cannot pay or are short on time you don’t have to go to Walmart for the 4X6 photo invite. That’s tacky. Please stop doing that. Do this instead. Here’s a few more, Download and Print.

A Cup of Tea is All I Need Free print, and how to (make it pretty).

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  1. I just finished 100+ glasses for wedding favors… I recommend the etching for SMALL weddings.
    You love paper you say? There is a lovely shop in town that stocks pretty papper. It’s $4 and up per sheet, but if you have mastered a projects, it’s a great way to decorate a room!

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