mild freakout, passed.

Hello, New Day!

It was good to just sleep on all those feelings last night. To wake up this morning, look at a few houses, discuss a few more options and meet some potential new neighbors.

I won’t go in to all kinds of details about our thought process on this decision because it’s very involved, but I will say that now we’re looking at building sooner than we thought. It has to do with loans, banks and where we stand to be (in a number of scenarios) in two to three years.

Black and white

Tell me a story about your favorite house as a child … could be a grandparent’s – the house down the road from you, a tree fort … or something you drove past every morning but never got to see the inside of. I want to hear about it.

2 thoughts on “mild freakout, passed.

  1. I loved my friend Chelsea’s house. It was int he Village of Lake Orion…an old historic home with so much charm, lots of charm and great memories. Its funny that 13 years later I have dreams that involve the house SHE grew up in.

    I also love and miss my GR house…sigh.

  2. i have many fond memories of one of my childhood homes. it was on graafschaap street in holland and even though i can’t remember how old i was when we first moved there, i did live there until i was in 3rd grade so probably 5 or 6 years. anyways, this place had the best back yard in the whole wide world at least for a 6 year old!! it was all wooded and at the bottom of the hill there was a creek where i would explore for hours and hours with my little brother almost all year around! i could go on and on about specific stories but i don’t want to bore anyone. the saddest part though was just a few weeks ago when i was back in town visiting family i drove by this house and my heart sank when i saw that the house had been foreclosed on and there was a big board on the window. it looked so run down and depressing. in my memories this house will still remain the way i knew it – as a GREAT place to Grow up!!!

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