Dog days of summer

I don’t know what the phrase actually means. Dog days of summer? But it sounds good.

We’re back to the Summer Jar this week as the past 2 have been full of VBS attending, picnics and crazy evenings spent driving around looking for a place to live.

Today we picked out something that didn’t sound good to any of us, so we threw back in the jar and said “TRY AGAIN!” then we chose the Fountain, which was perfect because our daughter has been talking non stop about wanting to go there again. I didn’t actually bring my camera with me. {GASP} So no photos for the jar today.

We had a great Fathers Day last weekend for Aaron.

they make me so happy

Lunch out, Boatwerks.

We ended the night with a BBQ with his side of the family at a home his sister was “house sitting” and “dog sitting” for. (Which, if you ever need a recommendation, I can give you a great one … she is amazing and LOVES animals!)

Come on boy

4 generations

4 Generations.

We’ve been having a blast, amidst all the big-grown-up decisions about where to live, what to do and how to break it to the kids. (More on that soon.) I can’t believe it’s almost July already. Which means we have just over 2 weeks left in this house.

It’s time to break out the champagne … maybe throw one last party for this place, love it, remember it and get Her ready for the next family to walk Her floors and care for Her old bones.

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