Life List: Sell our home

Yesterday was a crazy emotional day – in the morning I was STRESSED about banks and where we’re going to live for the next few months while the house is being built and then an amazing banker called me and talked to me like I was a person with a real life situation happening and she cared more about the story of “Us” than she did about the information that was mandatory.

After that conversation, the day turned around. Oh, plus I saw this lovely lady and made a random stop at a friends house and it turned out that another friend did the same thing! It was a great pick me up to the middle of the day to see some of my favorite friendly faces.

There will be more on this Life List item at the end of this week – but I HAD to share our exciting news.

5 thoughts on “Life List: Sell our home

  1. We are building. I have really confused people today. I’ll explain in another post.

    The simple answer is:

    We’re renting while we build and it has everything to do with banks and the fact that we sold our house without paying off the mortgage and we don’t want a short sale.

    Did I confuse you guys more?

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