And again

Last month we did some pretty fun stuff with Walcott Imaging – we had a free photo shoot day with outdoor lifestyle shots of kids, families, and couples.

photoshoot day with Walcott Imaging!

Lisa spent the entire day on a 20 minute rotating schedule of photo-shoots. The photo’s of the day turned out wonderful.

I spent the day keeping my kids out of other people’s photos and getting them ready for their own 20 minutes of “fame”, and I took behind the scenes photos of what Lisa does.

photoshoot day with Walcott Imaging!


photoshoot day with Walcott Imaging!

Here’s Lisa’s write up about the day. (Including some of the photos she took)

And they’re doing it AGAIN in July!!!

If you’re interested in having your photos taken please email Lisa Walcott directly.

**Hey guess what! I get paid to write. This is a disclaimer stating that to you so that no one gets confused. This website is my job.**

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