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Today Rebekah from Thankfully Thinking is writing here about how to find contentment. I know Rebeckah in a few ways – through our husbands, through friends, through blogging. She’s a passionate person with friendship as a true value. Enjoy this from her …

The older I get, the more I realize how many times I am tempted to base my own value on comparing myself to others. That I am more or less serving that them, that they have cute little size 7 shoes that look great in peep toe heels or that they can eat ice cream every night of the week without an evidence of it. But, the more women I share life with, the more I also am recognizing that this vortex pulls at all of us, like a heavy under toe, sucking us out to sea where we lose our compass for reality.

I know for me, it starts with my daily life– the blogs I read, the facebook pictures I view, the way people choose to present themselves online. I paint pictures of others lives based on the little snapshots I see on the screen. And I think as obvious as it is, we all need to remember that people are dynamic and multifaceted which overflows into the reality of each of our lives having struggle and grief and joy and confidence and insecurity all at once. I think we love to show the world our best self life through a filter that siphons out the evidences of the hard things.

But what if we banded together, and helped each other and helped ourselves by sharing the load of these struggles. And all the more sharing our joys as well. And what if the things we presented on our blogs were not just our glossy 5 x7 moments but the ones in between that we don’t have pictures of? I think so much of life happens between the glossy moments.

I have a deep longing for this type of community in my life , to grow with other women and get real about the things that I am convinced we are ALL dealing with. I have learned over the past year that in the moments that I have been able to be transparent I have experienced some incredible friendships and conversations, places that I never have been before with friends because we were both willing to let their guards down. To confess things to one another and ask for prayer, to share hopes and dreams in a place that can hold them until they are realized.

And something extraordinary happens in those moments; where you begin to have the freedom to see yourself as talented and beautiful and worth it rather that lesser and in contrast to. All of the fears that we have about sounding crazy or weak or needy are heard, filtered and echoed back with the insight and experience of other women and we start to feel like we are ok. So here’s to honest living and blessing one another by being real.

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