Cold Press Coffee: A How To

I hope I did this right, but the idea came from my former brother in law and he explained it to me something like this: It’s sweeter, less acidic.

He had my interest at sweeter.

This How To is the process for DAY ONE. Lets get started shall we?


You’ll need a mason jar with lid, grinder, coffee beans. (And water.)

If you don’t have a grinder – you need coarse ground beans. Maybe along the lines of something for a French Press.

Start by grabbing a handful of coffee beans to throw in the grinder.



Assess the situation and add more beans if needed. I’m pretty sure you need to end up with about a third of your mason jar as ground beans. Pretty sure because when I was getting the recipe we were at the closing of our former home and my mind was kinda of freaking out. But I was REALLY interested in the sweet coffee, so I focused. Kind of. (Rich, please feel free to correct this process!)


Now add the second handful.


And you’re ready for the grind!


I have a push grinder so all I need to do is apply pressure to the little white thing with my finger. Like this …


^^ Not applying pressure


^^ Applying pressure … See the difference? Yea, it’s slight. There are a couple different home grinders available, this is on the cheaper end of the ones out there. Right around ten bucks.

So any way – I counted to three and then checked my grind.


It was a little to coarse I thought so I put the lid back on, applied pressure for only a second more.



And then I was happy with the coarseness. There were less, if any, whole beans left.

Now for the mason jar.



Add the ground beans to the jar.


You’re going to need more coffee.

So grab another batch of the beans, grinder, pressure, DONE!





That looks better!


Now fill with water.





Get ready to shake it!


Place it in the fridge over night.


And DAY ONE is done. It looks like a ton of steps but the whole process will take less than 3 minutes if you have everything out and ready to go.

Tomorrow we’ll drink it together!

Skip ahead to see DAY 2

5 thoughts on “Cold Press Coffee: A How To

  1. If you have a french press use it instead of the mason jar. Just leave the plunger up overnight. In the morning, press, and voila! No need to fuss with pouring the coffee over a filter šŸ™‚ You’re going to love how it tastes!!!

  2. I loved it! But we can’t skip the mason jar … The fridge we’re using right now doesn’t fit the French press in it, let alone with the strainer up šŸ™‚ so I make so with an extra step. But for those with a larger-shelf-height fridge, this is a great tip!!

  3. Doesn’t it get all chunky without the press filter? Which reminds me, I need a new French Press. It’s lived a long and useful life, but it’s in bad shape. I think that every morning, but BEFORE I have my coffee and my brain isn’t fully functioning yet.

  4. Jen – yup! The French Press is a big part of the Day 2 process I just haven’t been able to post it yet. You can use either a French Press or a Coffee Cup Strainer thing … I can’t find a good link to one.

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