Things We Love To Do


Journaling page all about your to-do list.

Finger puppets Even better? Ballerinas. Score.

Colored labels and now even your craft closet is the envy of the cul de sac. You’re welcome.

Lace up dolls who can tell I have a kindergardener? Female? Yeah.

Marionette!! WOODY! From TOY STORY! The other day my daughter came home and announced that she had seen a “real woody, Mom!!!” and you are correct, I pooped myself and went through all the possibilities of perverts who might have been stupid enough to fuck up my kid. Then I asked her to elaborate. You know, in a non-threatening tone. One that didn’t say to her “I will kill whose ever name you utter” and she was all … at VBS, MOM!!! A REAL WOODY! It doesn’t get better than that does it? A few more questions later and it turns out someone was dressed as the CHARACTER from Toy Story. GOOD TO KNOW. Now. Feel free to scare some one else with this marionette … and please … puppet responsibly.

Mad Men inspired printables – all geared towards a really wonderful patio party. Invite the neighbors.

Create an awesome city those paper dolls do not need a castle! They need 5th Ave. Now, chop chop.

Art prints don’t always have to be inspiring. Just sayin.

Make Stuff

Mustaches Edible ones. Yes, I’m still obsessed with mustaches. So I obviously need 4 of these.

Some kids are lactose intolerant but they can still have a cone, right?

If I told you I could save your family thousands of dollars would you listen? No need to go all the way to Disney World for these, folks. Create your own Minnie and Mickey ears. No, really. Stay home.

A refreshing look at the wooden frame or actually, at anything you might hang on your wall. This is original. I like it.

Tangram, puzzle My kids are puzzle doers – I’ll be making a few of these to store in the car or our “go away” bag for when we’re waiting in lines or in the store. They might actually sit still for 5 minutes.

A How-To on making an eye chart that looks better no matter how many eyes you have.

A pup tent! I can already see the dreams being dreamed in here.

More wood art is there a theme today? Wood? Snarky wood? I didn’t think so, but this is really beautiful.

Create a custom upgrade in your home for less than 1/4 of the cost to hire it out. And this one looks EASY. And SO GOOD when finished.

Fabric Stamps so cute! What a great way to recycle something into a fun project and a one of a kind piece of clothing.

Sidewalk chalk paint DIY, folks.

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