Monday! Goals!

The last few Monday’s I’ve felt as excited about them as a Friday. Like, YAY! Another week! How many adventures can we squeeze into this one?

This week I plan to organize myself so I can take advantage of the many coupons we have for outings. The zoo. The Children’s Museum. Free concerts. I also want to make a menu plan that really uses my pantry.

I’m going to start using Endomondo for all our walking and bike riding. I plan to start running alone this month.

For the month of August I have a few bigger goals:

# Follow through more often. (When the kids ask to do something I generally say yes, then later change my mind. I’d like to stop doing this.)

# Be active every day.

# Find a conference to go to and register. It’s time I be the one who’s inspired and learning something.

# Volunteer somewhere, preferably with my daughter.

# Read a book for fun, read a book for knowledge.

That’s what’s on my mind for this month, for now. What about you?

7 thoughts on “Monday! Goals!

  1. Hi Jodi,

    So glad to find your website. I heard about you from Julie over at DutchBeingMe. She was telling me all about other West Michigan bloggers — how fun!

    I’m off to follow you on Twitter and hope to meet you at the #WMiBlogs meeting on Aut. 9!!

  2. I like your list! here are a few of my thoughts for August:
    -spend time writing, for me
    -have a girl’s night–on the calendar
    -take walks in the morning a few days a week
    -find a few end of summer deals on work clothes for fall

    the end šŸ™‚

  3. Um hello, I have the perfect conference for you to be inspired at – check that one off your list šŸ˜‰ AND how ’bout volunteering at the pregnancy center… They always need help and it’s pretty close to you guys right now, isn’t it??

  4. Oh Staci.

    Your persistence is amazing. FINE! FINE!!!! I’m going with you in September. Done.

    Tell me what I have to do. And great tip on the pregnancy center! Jessica would love that šŸ™‚

  5. I volunteered there for awhile and I loved putting together new baby layettes. And organizing all their baby clothes……I would think that is something that Jessica would be allowed to participate in…..xo

  6. Conference…yes! You know I’m all for going to another and I’d love to go with my conference buddy! Which ones are you looking at?

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