you’re the house of the best part of you

I have these two sticky-notes that I taped together and put on my fridge almost a year ago when all these really hard health changes started happening for me. The eating radically different, checking blood sugars, going to three different non-traditional doctors for answers.

I was really struggling with getting myself on board with everything. I wanted to keep eating the pasta and bread. I wanted SO badly to keep the ice cream. I was all for it on the outside but my mind was fighting me, tooth and nail, to the death of myself to me. Finally.

It reads …

“Jodi – you
clean for guests
and take care of
your house –
what makes
you and your
body different?
You’re the house
of the best part
of you. Bless it.”

That small piece of paper, taped and ratted at the edges, has been tossed around – thrown into piles, moved and moved and then moved again and I can’t throw it away. I’ve looked at it probably 20 times almost tossing it and then I think, No! This one blessing that I gave myself, this one reminder that kept me from getting more sick when it was at it’s worse deserves more than the bottom of the land fill.

So I keep it.

Some days it shows up in my purse when I didn’t put it there, or in my computer bag when I’m having a crappy day. Some days it’s at the top of my pile of “things to do” and other’s it’s just resting on my dresser. This twenty-nine word reminder to love myself has thousands of reasons written between the lines of why I need to keep reading it, keep remembering that I was the one who wrote it and I’m the one who needs to read it … over and over and over again.

I Am The House Of The Best Part Of Me.

I Will Bless It.

Bless You

Here’s your little reminder … if needed 🙂 (A free printable art-poster … from your’s truly)

8 thoughts on “you’re the house of the best part of you

  1. Thanks for that….last year I was totally on board my own health and wellness train and somehow between March and now I’ve fallen off and have yet to find the motivation to love myself enough again to climb back up. This helped though…thanks!!

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