Things We Love To Do


For those of us who love to date our spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend … or even a good friend. Have a little fun with it.

It’s a zoo in there! Numbers have never been so messy. Or smelly. Or really, really cute.

A little message a little blessing. Print and remind yourself that you can.

Back to School routine cards for the organized child. Or the mother. Either way … this back to school stuff takes organizing and I’ll take all the help I can get.

Days of the week! I remember being very confused about the days of the week and there’s no telling if something like this would have helped me … but since our daughter likes to talk about days in advance – this might be a fun exercise for her to learn the days in accordance with the “how many more sleeps?” question we constantly get.

Paper Chains are such a fun way for my kids to figure out the motor skills it takes to use a scissors. Plus they’re cute when all finished and even worth hanging some place other than your fridge – which needs to be cleaned off any way.

Make Stuff

Basket Pendant light – I’ve linked to this before and am currently on the hunt to find the right basket so I can make this for the new place. Have I mentioned lately that I love the Internet?

Wizard of Oz party ideas. The shoe, people! The SHOE! We love a good party in our house and are very excited to be planning the very first we’ll host at the new apartment in a week or so. Eeeee! Invites and everything!

Ribbon bunting small, cute and very whimsical.

Spruce up a wall with this how-to on painting a lovely dimensional pattern upon one.

Shell chandelier or is it? YOU GUYS!!!! THE INTERNET!!! Um, I’m pretty sure I know a bedroom that will be wanting this light in a few months … MINE.

How’s that recycling thing going for you? Yeah, we’re on and off the bandwagon too. It’s HARD to keep everything neat and tidy when there are so many papers and boxes and packages. It’s ridiculous. So, instead of wasting it or using this as wrap (which is a great idea) you can also make gift bags out of newspaper … or any paper I’m assuming. FUN!

How to make a ladder game. Outdoor games are so this season. Play one.

I’m still addicted to mustaches, let’s not be mistaken … however, these airplanes are calling my name – a centerpiece!

Make a headband that looks like you spent $35 on it from a craft fair or that trendy boutique. You’re so on top of this.

Keep a color journal. Wow. This is so inspirational for me. I love it. I can’t wait to make my own.

An easy and budget friendly photo booth maybe for a wedding or grad party? Someone in your life just turned 80? Yes, that. Definitely remember ALL of that.

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