Things We Love To Do

I’m ready to start creating things again, not just link to them. So here’s a few “How To’s” that fancied my interest:

Make a lightbox for photographing items. Great for trial and error food photography, natural light is ALWAYS better but if you have evening light or yellow light and it’s just not cutting it – a light box is a great alternative.

Good article on how to get folks to buy your stuff … I don’t sell anything, but the idea can be applied to anything you’re selling. Ideas, promotions, reviews? Play with your target audience’s senses. “Food for thought” so to speak.

Make a bird cage veil I’m not getting married but I love these veils. I love me some hats, although I don’t have any right now. This would be a fun addition to any hat that you could pull off with a “dressier” outfit.

Roman Shades – the house we’re building will not have window coverings when we move in and they tend to be very spendy for an entire house. I haven’t decided yet if we’ll get a standard blind or shade for the bedrooms and then curtains on top of that – but I’m collecting some different DIY ideas for them nonetheless.

A huge wall sign – I’m tickled with this. We’re also going to have very high ceilings and tons of wall space. I can’t decide where I want a sign like this (different saying) but I know I want one.

Another light box, with tutorial on editing photos. All you Etsy shop owners … it does not matter what kind of camera you have – you still MUST have great shots of your products if you want a sale. This should help.

Shelves cute idea for a shelf in a bathroom, laundry room, mud room … garage even.

A hat. See? I love the hats.

How to frame canvas – now if only I could decide where to get my photos printed ON TO the canvas, I’d be golden. Ideas?

Moss garden, I’m always smitten with these, no matter where I see them. I honestly don’t know if I’d do this, it seems like maintaining something like this could be a hassle – but kudos to those who do.

Keg! Ahahahahahaha! I love this. Such a great idea for a summer (adult) bbq. Although, you could do this for kids too – just make something sans alcohol. A great addition to any outdoor festivity.

Baby’s breath garland is breath taking.

More window covering ideas and, albeit, more roman shades.

A new way to use those old shutters you keep seeing at the antique stores. This probably isn’t a new idea, but it’s new to me. I love seeing shutters as part of a design, it’s cottagey and old and junkish – all of which I really love. But I’m not a huge fan of non-functional things. I don’t need more ideas for ways to separate a room or where to hang photos – but organization? Yes. Yes, that will do.

A lighted canvas CUTE IDEA! I’d make one of these for each of the kids’ bedrooms … they’d say “Night Light”. Irony. Oh, how they’ll never get it.

A succulent wreath now this I could pull off.

DIY chandelier, knock off. Smart people are interesting.

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