{On Blogging} A conference!

**Disclaimer: This blog post is an entry into a contest to win a ticket to the Type A Mom conference. If you’re looking for something else today, please check out the Lists We Love To Do**

As far as conferences go I’ve been to one, planned one and am now hoping to win a ticket to another one!

I’ve heard people talk about conferences in a number of different ways, mostly I hear that what you get out of them is social interaction; putting faces to names and making friends across the world from right across your table. Which I’m excited about and did experience first hand at BlogHer09, however, I’m more excited to get energized and excited about what I’m doing here every day, day after day, when I’m in a room of creative people who think that this is valid. That writing within this media is worth it.

Most of the audience at the conferences I’ve been to so far are women and it feels like this wonderful, welcoming tribe of people who want to listen to you. There’s always someone who’s interested, who has questions/ideas.

I’m interested in the Type A Mom conference for the same reasons that drove me to plan a conference for bloggers by bloggers with my partner in crime, Stacey from Stacey Says…, to learn more about how to get to the next level. To create relationships with the kind of companies, other bloggers and friends that go beyond the giveaway, that go beyond the page and where respect runs both ways.

This website is work for me (fun and amazing work but still work). It’s time away from my kids and getting to a place where the companies I am or have worked with respect that and don’t expect my words, my time and my influence for free is difficult. Which is just the reason Type A Mom fits where I am right now in this business and I hope to get a chance to be inspired to continue thinking outside of the box.

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