Planning and hosting a cocktail party

Cocktail Hour

A few Sunday’s ago we hosted our first Cocktail Party at our new apartment. It was a way for our friends to see the new place but also a wonderful way to have friends over and finally use some of my ideas for decorating and enjoying a fun evening.

We made super fun use of the mustaches.

Cocktail Hour

I tried a few new recipes and made some yummy treats.

Cocktail Hour

And we even had games to play.

Cocktail Hour

Getting together with our friends there usually is never a lack of conversation, but since this evening was specifically for adults only I decided to try to steer the conversation in a direction that would make everyone think of something other than where soandso’s kids were for the evening. Not everyone has children and it can be pretty difficult to sit in a circle and only ever hear myself talk about my kids. So the Conversation Game was a way for me to practice using other parts of my brain and to keep it interesting.

Cocktail Hour

The first question we pulled out of the jar was “What are your thoughts on the oil spill and BP’s current reaction to the problem?”

Wowza! We hadn’t had enough PomTini’s to answer that one yet … so we skipped it. I had a blast going through the questions and hearing everyone’s answers. After 10 years of knowing and hanging out with these guys, I still learned something new about them … which was refreshing and fantastic.

The last slip I pulled from the jar as people were getting ready to head out was “Refill your drinks!” … ha! A little late in the evening for that one, but a perfect ending nonetheless.

Unfortunately I failed to get the invites in the mail early enough for an RSVP but I did print them! I chose a template from Download and Print and customized them with this invitational message:

join us for a

Cocktail Hour @ Schaap’s New Roost
sunday, august twenty-second
seven o’clock in the evening

address street, holland

rsvp is requested by august eighteenth 

adults only, childcare not provided

Next time we host a party it’ll be my first goal to get the invites in the mail 14 days prior to the event.

It was a blast! We can’t wait to do it again, have you hosted any fun parties lately? For a birthday? A friend or family member? A wedding or even a graduation or retirement bash? I’d love to hear how you pulled it off, helpful tips you thought of or creative ways you decorated for the event.

Here are more photos of our fun evening.

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