Menu Plan It!

Over the next week or so these are the dinners our family will (hopefully) enjoy:

Chicken Pot Pie.

A Boxed GF Hamburger helper type thing. (The night the hubs works late of course!)

Taco Salad.

Chicken Spaghetti

Surprise Plate! (usually means we clean out the fridge/freezer)

BBQ Ribs.


Pork Chops.

Chicken something (I actually wrote this)


None of that gives a great deal of description on how I make a main dish turn into a meal – but it really depends on what’s still fresh in my fridge, what we have and haven’t eaten, how my pantry is doing and when the next Farmers Market is.

A few staples I have around right now are: Carrots, Green Salad, Corn Bread, Bisquit makings, Squash and Fruit for fruit salad.

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan It!

  1. That chicken spaghetti is AMAZING. I usually make a double batch which means I can freeze two meals worth- can you tell time management has been my goal the past few months??

  2. Jen, I hear ya! We made it last week and I made extra to freeze so I wouldn’t have to remake it again. It’s So good. I have to do some substitutions and it still turns out great.

    What other recipes do you do like that? I’d love some more ideas.

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