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Charades a game for the toddler in your world. This is pretty genius actually, in our house most of the games are geared toward our 5 year old … so having something that really works with where our toddler is in life sounds perfect.

A-MAZE-ING! Corny, I know! But accurate none the less. Speaking of games and kids – my daughter is a maze freak so this is great. I’m thinking these would be good to pull out on our way home from school. Get her mind unwound from the day, maybe loosen up some of the stories I’ll be dying to hear but she’s not entirely ready to share ?? It’s a process, I know. (Also check out these other kid mazes, a little easier)

Penguin family super fun and free printable for your wall. The entry way? Your office? They need these penguins.

Baby Shower invites Ok really, I just love the ABC design and color of these. I might forgo the invitation and frame one for a craft room or even my office. Having varying sizes of things to look at in colors that inspire you is always a good idea.

Passwords are hard to keep straight.

Shapes! Dinosaurs! Adorable!

Money Bingo I printed these off this week because I was tired of hearing “I’m bored!” and we’re working on a no-nap schedule for the 5 year old in preparation for school. Yes, she still naps … every single day. What I loved about this game was two-fold. It was sneaky because she was learning something (which she loves to do), it was a game, it was time together. The best part? watching her light go on as she put two-and-two together and seeing her eyes sparkle as she looked at me with pure delight in herself. I also liked how this game provided an easy way to talk about money values. Pennies, nickels, dimes … their sizes vary as do their values and she really seemed to understand that in the perimeters of this game.

Free Save The Date with a vintage twist. So pretty!

Make Stuff

A clock with paper and clockworks. Love this.

Build some shelves which I plan to do for the apartment because school paper is about to take over every square foot in this space and I’m not about to let it win.

ReBeautify that bronze thing in the corner… oh! It IS a lamp! How lovely.

Make rubber stamps the adorable potential is all over the place on this one.

Pine cone runner. There’s something about woodsy elements to this time of year that really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plus, this is stunning.

Homemade Bug repellent You’re welcome.

Oh Martha, you never steer us wrong Map Coasters!

Outdoor games Please make this, someone. This looks like ridiculous fun.

Shelves for that wasted space I have the building bug right now.

CUTE! Paint chip bag. Love love love.

More shelves – these I’ll be making for our new kitchen. Yay!!

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