Soul Food

I’ve heard this term before, of course I always think it means deep fired with a side of butter. I am wrong. So very wrong.

We tried Daddio’s Carry Outs for lunch today with the family and I now understand Soul Food on a whole different level.

Yup, a lot of it is deep fried and you can have red beans and rice or fries or mashed potatoes with anything … but it really is Soul Food, as in, eating it made me feel like a whole person. Like I was partaking in something bigger than a Gyro. (We had a Gyro, highly recommended!! Their cucumber sauce is amazing.)

You walk in and order while talking to Rochelle who sees my son eying a fried chicken leg so she hands one to him – because they’re friends. We talk, she tells us about the place – how long it’s been there, how she knows the place is anointed because we told her we just heard about it yesterday and had to try it. That we came because friends recommended the place.

While we were swapping stories and talking about the menu with her another first-time customer came in with the same story.

Then she handed out chocolate ice cream to all the kids waiting.

We paid $15 for a meal that we have leftovers from and their credit card machine doesn’t leave a space for tips. I ran to the car to grab some cash to leave in a raggedy little cup on the counter … there was no way I was walking out of there without further thanking Rochelle for what was sure to be our favorite meal of the day.

Soul Food. Granted this is Michigan and it’s one of the best kept little secrets of this town, but I feel like it doesn’t matter how long until I return for another chicken leg, she’ll see us and smile and ask us what we thought of her Gyros.

And then she’ll ask how her “friend” is (my son).

I can’t believe one meal made me want to shout about her place from the top of my lungs and write a blog post all about it. But really, you should totally try it.

3 thoughts on “Soul Food

  1. Well I don’t live in Michigan, but it’s great when you find a place that has such good food. Where we live it seems they are few and far between. It usually seems as if we come out of a restaurant disappointed either by the food or the service or both. I love Gyros too, but good ones are difficult to come by as well. I think restaurants are much better in the U.S.

  2. Hi Jodi!
    I have driven past Daddio’s many times and never stopped. After reading your post, I did stop last night, to pick up a menu and chat. WOW! Amazing people work there. I felt like a better person just being in their restaurant for 10 minutes. I’m picking up dinner tonight for my family and my sister’s family. And then they’ll become regulars too! Thank you for such a great write-up on them. They deserve it!

  3. Hope, I am SO glad you went there and know what I’m talking about. She’s so great! Yay! Hopefully you’ll love the food as much as we did!! Let me know what you end up trying. It’s about time we head back there as well and try something different off the menu.

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