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I’m pretty excited about this giveaway for a few reasons, One being I know Jenny, the founder and she is everything you would want in someone who’s running a business for mom’s. I know her in real life, that helps, but she’s genuine and humble and really really smart.

I was given a yearly membership for free in exchange for this giveaway, so lets all be on the same page. However, I would have done this giveaway (or a write up with no giveaway) no matter if I had to pay for a membership on my own. I would have bought one. And I will renew it next year.

Bla bla bla! Yay!

Please check out Moms In Tow and see for yourself.

Luckily enough there’s an article in the local paper about Mom’s In Tow this morning so I’ll just let you see what they say … here.

  • Mom’s In Tow offers discounts from many local business and some online businesses to members of Moms In Tow.
  • You can purchase a gift membership for someone you know. Great baby shower idea, or stocking stuffer!
  • New business partners are climbing on board every day, and if you have a favorite one that you don’t see yet let us know in the comments!

How to enter

Please visit the Moms In Tow website and let me know in the comments on this post the business discount you’re most excited about.

That’s it! No dancing in circles for me with giveaways. If you’re interested in further ways to connect with Mom’s In Tow you can follow them on twitter and have a looksee on facebook.

You may enter once a day, one entry per IP Address and the giveaway is open until Wednesday, September 22 at midnight.

***POST EDIT: Forgot to mention, Moms In Tow is giving away TWO MEMBERSHIPS for a year to two lucky readers 🙂

Who should enter

No really, you may win this for a friend or sister or aunt. You can win this and still buy one for someone else. You can do it all!

I’m off to buy a helmet. Until then … Happy Birthday to all my friends here. A day about me is also a day about all of you. Thank you!

31 thoughts on “{Giveaway} Mom’s In Tow!

  1. ok, so i no longer live in west mich… but i want to enter!! love the moms-in-tow idea and love the uncommon grounds discount! 🙂

  2. The photo places (especially partial to Walcott Imaging) because I love getting my kid’s pic taken 🙂

  3. I looked at this yesterday but I’m not sure the membership fee is worth it for Grand Rapids people. Holland? Definitely! I’m wondering if they are planning on growing in GR?

  4. Jen,
    Good point about Grand Rapids! We are currently concentrating on Holland…and will concentrate more on Grand Rapids in a few months. We currently have a few business partners in GR and that will grow quickly in the next few months! What places would you like to see us partner with?
    Jenny (moms in tow)

  5. Love the aquatic center discounts, swimming lessons are expensive, but important to me. I want my kids growing up knowing how to be safe in the water. 🙂

  6. All the discounts look awesome to me! I would have to say walcott imaging and Pats flower market wou;d be some of my favorites!

  7. I’m excited about Ecobuns…Kellie is a good friend of mine and I’m looking forward to using lots of her products when our little one arrives!

  8. Another big favorite is Walcott Imaging…love them!!! Capturing every stage of your child’s life is easier with a discount. 🙂

  9. I was just checking out the site again and the Borrs discount would come in handy:) Also great article in the Paper!

  10. ahhh – just the idea of going to a Salubrity Vida Day Spa is exciting – never “splurged” on this before but with three young children, a discount just might bring me in!

  11. I love the ecobuns discount. Can’t wait to check out this store and see some of the latest cool cloth diapers!

  12. I was just at Borrs tonight looking at shoes for my daughter. They are the same price as the See Kai Run website, so with the discount they’d actually be less, plus I get the service of getting the right fit for my daughter and having her try them out in store. Plus she can wear them home with us…always my favorite thing when I was a kid. 🙂

  13. We are a family that bikes together, and my husband actually bikes to work when he can, so a Cross Country Cycle discount would be great!

  14. After a long day on my feet and my body feeling so tired i would love to make a visit to Salubrity Vida Day Spa especially if i am getting a discount:)

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