She doesn’t particularly enjoy getting her hair braided. Not when we try something new. However the result is always worth the effort. Even in her eyes.

I was never one to dream of having a little girl and being able to play with hair and later go shopping together. Of baking side by side or watching her gossip about falling in love in the turtle room. (True story)

But I am so fortunate. I know I am, to have this female in my life. To have this beautiful little firecracker who keeps me on my toes. She will be a strong woman and I know this because by the time she’s ready for the world’s waves to crash up against her and make her more weathered, I will be ready to lie down and wait for the tide.

It’s hard to be a mom most days and I’m almost positive that my emotions play way too much of a deciding factor in how I do it. I’m working on it. I’m working on letting her go, little by little. Letting her live a full life when that will always mean I’m living on the edge. Watching. Waiting. Protecting.


And I’ll cherish these moments of blonde wispy hair getting corralled into a braid or a tail or a curl because right now she’s Innocence.

But tomorrow she’ll be Knowledge.

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