Things We Love To Do


Palette Pingpong printable card. Adorable. I love the bee hive design.

Cleaning chart! We’ve tried the responsibility charts before and the behavior charts … they only stick around for a couple weeks before we get lazy. Cleaning, however, well … it never ends. Maybe this chart I’ll follow through with??

Free Art I love free printable art. So wonderful.

Back to School card leaving notes in lunch is a good idea.

Routine Rules, Man. Get yourself in order.

A handful of downloadable and printable party things for a wedding or a really stylish dinner.

Up and away printable color page. Only this one is cool.

Urban I Spy please go on an adventure today. Suitable for yourself, by yourself or with others.

Its the little things lovely art.

Martha always knows what a classy lady. And also? Don’t we all love to hate her at the same time? Thought so.

Make Stuff

Silhouette Towels Listen up. These are awesome. Christmas gifts, your own house, a shower (any kind), for a hostess, a tea party, a Holiday we want to make up and celebrate, … you get the idea. This is a good idea, no matter what, is all I’m saying.

SEWERS!! This is a gorgeous skirt for a girl. Small or not small. If you do sew and um, feel like it, please make one for me (actually my small person) šŸ™‚ Hee hee.

All the rage, hanging wire lights – feel free to knock your room mates socks off (and brag a little) when they prove that all they can do with wire is trap the spider in the corner. Although they’re genius for even thinking of such a thing, you’re still cooler on the scale of Not to Hot. You go.

EAT I’m smitten with this idea. Literal furniture. Next? A chair that says SIT. (You think I’m kidding)

Gathered T Not sure what it is about this weather, but I love this look in the Fall.

I love everything about these arrangements Flowers. Orange and green. Not your typical design. I like it all.

Recycle your sweater Adorable. I’m now wishing I had saved some of the sweaters I donated last year. Ah well.

Memory Game This could be appropriate for any age because you can customize it for any theme. That 28 year old you have no idea what to get for their birthday?? Do they like sports, eating out and beer? BINGO! You just gave yourself a theme and a reason to buy them a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings and still look cool. (Or I’m just really out of the game)

Loving this button bracelet classic and chunky.

Rolled fabric accessories … they just never get old.

I am in all kinds of love with wooden toys and have been since we could buy them for our own kids. Here’s why. They’re not plastic and are very hard to break. They come in prettier colors than the primary counter parts who are, surprise!!, plastic or Barbie. They also have some sort of craftsmanship involved and I appreciate that. Also? The best puzzles are made from wood.

Little notebooks a great idea for a party favor – and the theme is travel, and these notebooks are the guests “passports” for the party. Gathering stamps from each location (or game, etc) … so fun!

A refashion cardigan I love this. LOVE this.

Chalkboard map Looks amazing. Great for a living room, playroom or bedroom. Or?? Your office!

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  1. I’m thrilled that you featured my little moments free art print download! It makes my heart happy to know that others enjoy what I’ve created. I have other free downloads available on my blog in the sidebar, if you’re interested.

    Make today great!

    Monika Wright

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