things to be thankful for

I wrote this a couple of years ago (note the “no car debt” I made mention of). I must have needed a reminder of why things were so good in my life. I tend to need them more and more and I’m a little disgusted with myself every time I do this because when I’m done I realize there is no reason, whatsoever, why I should be feeling down or less than or low.

When it gets right down to it – most of this doesn’t matter. It’s amazing and we are so blessed and so so so thankful … but if it all went away, we’d still have one another.

And that is enough.

  • We make enough money to live very well, comfortable lives
  • Our house is not broken
  • My stove works
  • Our bathrooms are newly tiled and beautiful
  • Our lawn is taken care of
  • I get to stay home with our kids and be a silly kid all over again
  • My clothes fit, some are too loose
  • My husband loves me
  • My husband thinks I’m hot
  • My husbands opinion is the most important to me, and he thinks highly of me, which is cause to believe it and think highly of myself, all on my own.
  • My kids are healthy
  • No broken bones or life threatening injuries
  • My kids sleep through the night, every night
  • My kids love me, laugh with me and smile at me
  • Jessica loves to be read to
  • Oliver loves to cuddle
  • Jessica loves and thrives on my attention
  • Oliver loves and thrives on my attention
  • I know how to cook and have a pantry FULL of food, healthy food, to prepare for my family
  • We have a full pantry
  • We have 2 cars that run, we have no car debt
  • Our house is too big for us
  • The only debt on our home is the mortgage we got when we bought the home 5 years ago
  • We have an amazing yard and neighborhood
  • We’re close to our families, in distance and mostly in relationship
  • We have a list of babysitters we trust and who help us on a regular basis
  • We can afford regular babysitters
  • We live beneath our means (most of the time)
  • We can afford to eat a very healthy diet, full of fresh fruits and veggies.
  • My closet is full, my drawers are full.
  • I have enough of everything.
  • We’re not cold when it’s Winter out and we’re never hot when it’s Summer.
  • Our friends are all around and we see them often enough to feel lucky to have them in our lives.
  • We didn’t have trouble having children.
  • We have a wonderful intimacy in our relationship.
  • I married the man who will forever take care of me and love me no matter what.
  • Our burdens are light.
  • Aaron has a successful business
  • Aaron has the mind of a genius (Go baby!)
  • I’m employable if the need ever arises
  • My house is stocked with enough things and stuff that our storage is full.
  • We have toys and games, books and movies for our kids and for entertaining.

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