Lunch 2.0

We’re a couple weeks into the routine of school lunches and I’ve been corrected a few times on what is and is not ok to put in her lunch. (Carrots, yes … an apple every day, no.)

A few days into school she got in the car and BEGGED for hot lunch and we let her try it even though her allergies dictate that we shouldn’t. We figured out what she really wants and have been making a similar version of a very boring lunch every single day.

Cheese sandwich, fruit or veggie, water, fruit roll up and a home made snack.

Oh the snacks! My mom made home made snacks for us for our lunches and snacks at home all growing up and I have such good memories of baking cookies with her or asking for my favorite bars for school. I really want to do this with my kids too, so on our menu plan every week we have anywhere from one to 4 different ideas and recipes that the kids are responsible for making.

Problem is most of what I made when I was younger is no longer what we would consider healthy in our family – or for our family. So we need to shake things up a little bit … however recreating what a snack or a “healthy” snack should be isn’t easy for me. I’m just “recipe blocked” most days and need all the help I can get. (Even though, every once in a while … I figure it out)

Insert this amazing ebook from a dear friend and fellow blogger Kitchen Stewardship. I get lost in her website – all the information and ideas, tips and recipes. I can’t wait to try every single one of the recipes in her Healthy Snack To Go Ebook.

Time management has become something I’m getting much better at now that we’re back to the grind of schedules and homework and pick up’s and meals … the list goes on. Having a fool-proof book full of snacks that are healthy and taste good just seems like a no-brainer for me at this point and at only $7 it’s cheaper than a box of snacks I feel less than enthusiastic about from our bulk store and I’ll be feeding my kids real food in real time.

Got any other tips or tricks about how to fill those lunch snacks and still feel good about the content of their bellies? I’m all ears!!

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