Less jiggles with more giggles

Yesterday I went to a stroller fitness class and this morning I hurt.

My bottom is officially perking up and it’s painful. The flab under my upper arms has woken up and is tightening up. My calves are wondering why, after the class later that day, I went for a run and then actually ran the whole time. My thighs have stopped talking to me entirely. Lunges.

My abs, well, my abs didn’t get the workout I was hoping for only because about 30 seconds into the ab-set of the class my son decided to climb on me and lay down. I’m not that strong yet. Then he got hurt and spent the rest of the time crying in my arms while I tried to strategically sit in a position that would still give me some ab-strengthening.

It worked.

Waking up this morning was like putting little electrical charges all over my body – a muscle in my lower body moves and all of a sudden my arms flail in the other direction. Painful. Really really wonderfully painful.

The kind of pain that means I’m doing something. I love it.

Those are my thoughts this morning as my coffee is cooling down and all the windows are open blowing the breeze in from outside.

Welcome to my weirdness.

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