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I wrote this a couple weeks ago after realizing I was having one of those moments I never wanted to forget in my life.

I’ve gotten back to writing with pen and paper and doing so often – I love this.

“Aug 15, 2010

What I love about today – Right here.
– The views of old buildings and tree tops
– The feeling of freedom
– How grown up this new experience makes our kids
– That we all fit
– Character of an old home
– Easy to care for
– The brokenness of the space is like a smile – and not a gnashing of teeth
– Huge porcelain kitchen sink


– Big bedrooms and roomy closets
– It’s our secret
– Blank canvas
– Jessica’s favorite: Riding bikes and going to JP’s almost everyday
– Our family isn’t so much taped together but glued to the floors boards and we love it
– How open we are to possibility
– The feeling of coffee in the morning – kids waking slowly – with a day ahead of us

first Morning.

– That we just spend the last 10 minutes on half of our original couch watching the same movie on Aaron’s phone over and over and over again
– That Jessica will always remember this
– We have kind neighbors”

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