I have a dream

I do. I really have a dream and it’s just been coming out more and more. The other night I said to Aaron, half joking, but now I’m not so sure, that I want to start a foundation …

I think I want to start a studio space where people can come to create something (whether through tutorial or independent time) from the lists I make here. I want to inspire people who think that they cannot to believe in themselves because I know they can.

I don’t know how to go about this. I’d use this space for the cooking demo’s I want to do for this site. For cooking classes and seminars from local Nutritionists. I imagine there being a monthly class or How To on something – anything! – the people wanted to learn about in the kitchen.


Baked goods?

Crock pot?

Overnight recipes?

Cooking with kids?

Cooking FOR kids?

I want to do it all. And I want tools in this space to make things. Make tables, shelves, make anything because we’ll learn together. We can build a house, you and I.

We could build a castle.

There would be knitting lessons and sewing lessons and sewing hours and sponsored evenings and events. We’d learn from local artist and they’d tell us their story, we’d hear how they overcame the lack of confidence or whatever it was that kept them from creating or following their dreams. This space would incubate my Life List.

There’s space for growth in all kinds of areas. I think my perfect job would be to design things. Shop for houses, look for objects, use my hands. Plan urban developments with housing and shopping in the same subdivision or complex – but not the stupid kind, the good kinds. Trader Joes and schools that we’re proud of … I want to consult with my city about the decisions they make in a committee of 32 people on the things that will forever affect my life in this town. I want to have a voice, I want to use it. I want to learn about urban development and how cultures come about – why we do things in Holland, Mi that people would scoff at in New York City. I want to know. I want to learn. I’m hungry. And I don’t want to drop my kids off at a daycare center. I like to dream.

It’s just a thought. But I’m having it more and more.

8 thoughts on “I have a dream

  1. Luckily GVSU is right nearby with the Johnson Center where you can get all kinds of resources/training/ideas for starting your own non-profit! I say go for it, thousands of non-profits are started every day and I for one would totally come to this center, because I need serious help with my creative outlets!! šŸ™‚

  2. Go for it!!! I would love to do many of the things you listed – knit, sew, build something..even cook (and my husband would like that too!! hahaha) The city of Holland would benefit from a space like this.

  3. Go for it!!! I am always hungry to learn more….I want to learn it all…I’m always trying new things…but a community to do them with, that’s what I’m missing. I would join in a heartbeat. Holler if you need help!!!

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