Midnight Etsy: Splurge

I used to write about, shop and link to all kinds of Etsy shops and merchandise. And then I figured out that the Internet has Awesome all over the place. So I stopped linking to Etsy because I could find similar items, for free, or tutorials on how I could go about making and creating it myself.

Now. There are some people who are creators and can make things with their hands and from their imagination and they should be praised. Some of these people sell their items as their job. I love these people, we should support them.

Without further ado –

Feathers So beautiful. I would splurge on this art print in a heart beat. I just need a place to hang it, though. šŸ™‚

Sparkle this print makes me stop and think, makes me want to know what the out of focus elements mean to the person taking the photo. I feel invited into this picture to be warm, too. To be calm. I love it when a photo does that to me.

Scarf I don’t knit, but I wish I did. Until then, this scarf will keep me warm.

Necklace something about birds – and this one in a shade of blue. Splurge!! Buy it. No, really. You want this, too.

Eyeglasses case I’m pretty sure I would wear my glasses more and remember where I put them if I held them safe in this case.

Vinyl decals have been over done, no? I mean, who doesn’t have a word on their wall or that one huge tree? I love them, really. It’s personality and fun but it’s really over done. I like originality. Kinda like this guy. Just sayin.

Mustaches there is so much obvious going on this one that it’s hard for me to type. Need. Want. Must have. OHMYWORDOHMYWORDOHMYWORD!

Cake stand with flowers I’m starting to have a healthy addiction to ceramics. (Aaron would argue that it is not healthy, but we won’t listen to him) I generally live on the very simple side of things when it comes to ceramics and plates and such. I’m a bit of a minimalist and I have no idea how I got that way. But I love me a good platter that doesn’t make any sense and a cake stand that sits on my counter because it’s cheerful.

Bird again with the ceramics. I think it would be fair to blame this one my other addiction: Reading Young House Love.

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