Loves to paint

Pictured above is my then-4 daughter painting. She has always loved to paint, color, draw.

Painting her rock

She paints.

She often asks me to draw for her when we’re waiting for something, in the car or at a restaurant. I’ve learned to try to keep a small pad of paper with me at all times because drawing elephants and penguins is now something I don’t think twice about.

Earlier this week while we were rediscovering new ways to enjoy our days together she woke up from a nap earlier than her younger brother and she asked if we could draw together.

So I set her all up with her paper and crayons and asked her what she wanted me to do? Color with her? She said, no you draw too.

But it was different this time, she wasn’t commissioning that I draw something specific … she just wanted to see what I could do on my own. So I went for it. I started drawing my “peaceful” tree from when I was her age. I would spend hours upon hours outside under this tree pretending to play house, making food for my family and corralling all my kids to play nice.

I have so many good memories of those days, playing alone outside with my imagination and the branches of what I’m sure was a half dead tree.

Peaceful Tree - drawing with Jessica

I’m not great drawer and I struggle with all kinds of details – but drawing this for her and explaining what it was to me just became something I didn’t remember I had.


And she has it, too.

Painting (ehum, her face?)

Naming these things in our lives, and as a mother of a young girl, I want her to find worth in all sorts of areas – not just where she thinks others will find it too. She’s already making comments about how other girls are prettier than her and I shrink inside because I know the uphill battle that’s coming for her, as a female, to live in this world where standards are more like reflections and jewels.

So we’ll take it one day at a time. One blank canvas or piece of paper stacked on top of the next … one beautiful picture waiting to happen over and over and over again.

4 thoughts on “painting

  1. I hate that this is a reality, but I LOVE how you are going about teaching her a beautiful way through it. Talented, that’s for sure!

  2. I’ve been in a lot of elementary schools lately, and reading this post reminds me of “inspirational” posters in a lot of the classrooms “There is always going to be someone better at something except at being you” Along those lines… I remember wanting to be prettier & skinnier at that age… Til I found out there were worse things than not being pretty or skinny, & one of them is being boring/bored. (Rambling a bit here) With you as a mom, she has no chance of being boring or bored.

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