I need to confess

# I used to want to be a famous singer. No matter that I am very tone deaf.

# Physical comedy is my favorite. FAVORITE. I love to laugh at other people in unsuspecting situations and … pain.

# One of my front teeth is whiter than the other – it’s a crown – and I’m very self conscious about it.

# Favorite candy bar? Butterfinger. However, I prefer to taste and eat a York Peppermint Patty. There’s some psycho-analyst in there somewhere, I’m sure.

I just needed to get that off my chest.

Thank you.

6 thoughts on “I need to confess

  1. #I find this amazing….I have ALWAYS had the secret desire and dream to be a famous singer. I can even see myself when I think about it…I wanted to be the vocal with a rock band….I still can see myself doing this in my mind, but am afraid I would now be billed as the “old wannabee”

    #my front tooth is also a crown and not the same color as my own teeth…and I, too, am very conscious about it. Have even talked to the dentist about whitening the rest of my teeth, but he cannot guarantee he can match the color….I often think when I meet someone and he/she is 12 inches away from my smile, that they are thinking…”ugh- her teeth do not match”

    #favorite candy bar – Snickers. But I NEVER buy them…too many calories and I should not have it, right? If I ever buy a candy bar…it is a York’s peppermint patty. One time…long ago….I heard they have less calories than any other and so that is my justification why I cannot have what I really want……

    true confessions – you come by your uniqueness very honestly! xo

  2. when i was little, i used to have day dreams that the Wilson Phillips were doing auditions to hire a 4th Wilson Phillip…i would always audition and get the spot. haha

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