In an effort to keep us on top of our budget and grocery shopping/menu planning I’ve taken it upon myself to start baking more of our bread.

Yesterday we made Megan’s English Muffin Toasting Bread.

in the kitchen

It was divine. We paired it with chili from the crock pot, a little butter and even some jam.

in the kitchen

Recipe success!

Why I love this recipe:

# Megan is a fellow and local blogger and I love supporting my local friends.
# It was EASY! No kneading required.
# Made 2 loaves.
# Taste was great. We toasted in the oven – I think a toaster oven will make it even better.

What I would change:

# Really, nothing. I might try this recipe with some whole wheat flour but I will be making it again and again. BLT’s on this bread would be amazing.
# I might ask my pancreas to let me have more than one bite, but for now … I’ll just be the tester and watch my family be the eaters.

What about you? Are you a yeast scavenger? Do you enjoy baking bread? What would be your favorite recipe or bread to serve?

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