the ugly cry

Not happy about the sunshine

I have moved into a bit of a slump in all things “Life” this week. Stress has built and finally gotten the best of me and I just need the dust to settle so I can come out on the otherside a little shinier than when I went in.

It’s coming.

We’re almost there.

Until then and because it’s Tuesday here’s a list of things that make me happy, even now in all of this stress:

# An early morning cuddle on the couch with both my babes next to me.

# Being in control of the situation.

# Letting go of the control, using the power of prayer.

# The sun is shinning hot.

# Last week I had my yearly check up, they ran blood tests on my sugar levels … for the first time in 2 years and 9 months I heard these words on the end of the phone: Your blood sugar levels were normal. (However, my A1C level was elevated … not a ton, but enough for them to finally tell me I might be glucose intolerant (pre-diabetic) and we’re back to some level of monitoring so we can avoid the worst of the worst.)

# Since my birthday I’ve actually felt wiser. Maybe that’s weird – but I feel like I finally came of age.

# My house is actually in some order in the middle of this chaos, and we have soap. And toilet paper. You guys, I am on top of the world here.

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