What if

Some time I play a game in my head that allows me to wonder what if …

What if I wrote something that became published? Either through self, printable publishing or by a publishing house. What if?

What if some day there were a red carpet event because of something I had done … what if?

It’s not that I think that highly of myself, but I get compared to people out there who have these things in their pipeline – not often, and it’s few and far between … but I can’t help but wonder … what if?

The fact that it hasn’t happened yet and doesn’t look like it’s in my 5 year or 10 year plan is because it’s not my time. Wether or not my time comes, has yet to be decided. But, what if?

I’ve been writing for years and I understand that (within reason, and not always) it is one thing that I am OK at. I’m also young and have all kinds of time to figure whatever this is out – but there is a purpose to all of this. And it’s growing.

I’ve also had a glorious glass of wine – my kids are away for the night and we have a pizza in the oven. My night is wide open and after looking blankly at each other for about half hour wondering what the heck to do with ourselves, we walked to town and enjoyed afternoon drinks. Like real people without a care in the world. And that kind of fanciness gets you thinkin …

What’s in your “What if” bucket? I really want to know.

6 thoughts on “What if

  1. Sorry, I just reread this for the first time and it sounds a little snobby. Not meant to be at all! But I’m just curious- what happens when we put our inner, most ridiculous wants out there? If someone else is aware that it’s even available/possible – does it change things?

  2. It changes everything. When someone else expects you to be great, you feel encouraged, challenged, (a bit of pressure) and it boosts your confidence. It becomes a matter of priorities.

  3. I don’t think this is snobby at all! I think it reminds us what’s possible in the world and what we want for ourselves.
    I think when we remove the barriers we place on what we want in life, anything is possible– even the things we have given up on or are resigned about.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. love love love. You hit it straight on: too often we don’t even allow ourselves to *think* of the what-ifs let alone consider that they could become reality if we gave it half an effort. Can’t wait to start my what-if list!

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