risky business

A few days later and I just feel silly about this but that’s probably the whole point of saying something out loud that has bounced around your head for a while. Some times just getting it out of your head makes everything clearer.

Last year about this time I took the Mondo Beyondo course and although I have this life list the Mondo Beyondo course removed barriers and asked that we just write the impossible on paper. If I could remove every obstacle – what would I want to accomplish, try, taste, who would I meet, where would I live, what would I leave behind?

I’m glad I did it, I know a few more things about what really is important to me – like I have a desire to earn income. I would have never thought that it meant more than I wanted some free time or more spending money – and it is much more involved than that. I have a deep desire to stand on my own two feet and a vehicle for that is earning an income that would support my family.

It’s just nice to peel away layers. To be proactive in being the person I’m meant to be. Even if that is an ordinary mom in Michigan. I still want to fulfill my potential. I still want to take risks, too.

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